Mrs. Prabha Padmanabhan, the founder of Srujana Montessori School has earned her bachelor degree in Arts in 1976 and later secured her diploma in Cosmetology and Fashion Designing in kothari academy in 1990. When she was living in various states, she showed enormous interest in learning languages and started teaching small children in their languages.

Her attempt to find out a suitable method of teaching has made her to join an international course offering training on Montessori Method of teaching during mid nineties. She got her distinction in her training and she became an Association Montessori Diploma holder, a prestigious diploma offered by the AMI, Netherlands. Immediately after her securing a diploma, she joined Chettinad Vidhyashram to teach children using Montessori methods.

After successfully practicing the methods, she felt the need for starting a Montessori School of her own and accordingly during 1999, she established her school at Velachery, Chennai, India with just 3 children and then on the success has become a part of her school life. The Government of Tamilnadu has recognized her Srujana Montessori School now with over 100 children.