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Welcome to Srujana Montessori School

In 1906, Dr. Montessori began her first school in Italy. She developed a method based on the premise that a child from birth to age six has an "absorbent mind" with a great capacity to learn. Dr. Montessori believed each person should educate himself. Her method encourages children to learn while preparing them for life.

One way this is achieved is through hands-on lessons. "The hand is the instrument of the brain." Said Dr. Montessori. The more senses involved in learning, the easier it is to learn. The Montessori method allows children to experience the excitement of learning without being forced while encouraging them to develop their own natural tools for learning.

Reconstruction in Education

We have the idea that education can help the development of the child, and that we adult people will give this help. This idea is ordinary and is not right. The idea of education is to give to the Child and to young people all the best we have. The Education must be that, it is efficent , gives help and new orientation, a new knowledge and a new wisdome to World.

The child has been the constructor of every individuals. In a child there is much knowledge and wisdome. The child can absorb much more instruction, much more culture, at a early age than later. The child takes not only with mind but with his hands and activity. In order that child is given the oppurtunity to take indirectly, Our teaching methods must be changed radically. We can give something in the environment of the child from which we can choose and take. Since the child absorbs so unconsciously, he had been put in the class that are more advanced and the child learns more advance things.

Hence in the new method of teaching " Montessori ", the classroom offers unique educational materials. Children use the apparatus to develop co-ordination & good work habits. In allowing a child to choose and by cultivating the child's natural desire to learn, the child is self-motivated and teaches herself.